Wallabag command line client

From series: Wallabag CLI client

A year ago, having got out from one of my exacerbation, I decided to refresh my development skills. By this time, I was already actively used the self-hosted Wallabag service, to read postponed articles from the Internet.

And since recovering, I kept 90% of the time on the computer keyboard, I wanted to speed up the work with this service. And I got a search for applications for working with Wallabag from the terminal command line. I found it, it was a small wallabag-cli program.

I quickly came to the conclusion that it‘s functions would not be enough for me. Therefore, I decided to rewrite it on all the canons of OOP: with tests and hookers, in order to refresh mine understanding of this concept.

So, meet Wallabag-Client!

In the following article I will write about the functionality and what opportunities would like to add with time.

Series: Wallabag CLI client

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