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So, what offers a command-line client for the Wallabag delayed reader service?

Installation and configuration

First of all, you need to install the application. To do this, launch:

> pip install wallabag-client

Then you will need to answer a few questions to configure access to your Wallabag service. To do this, use the command:

> wallabag config
Enter the url of your Wallabag instance [https://www.wallabag.com/]:
Enter your Wallabag username []:
Enter your Wallabag password []:
Enter the client id of your Wallabag API []:
Enter the client secret of your Wallabag API []:

List of available commands

Using help you can see the entire list of commands that supports the application:

> wallabag -h
Usage: wallabag [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
  --config TEXT       Use custom configuration file
  --debug             Enable debug logging to stdout
  --debug-level TEXT  Debug level
  --version           Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help          Show this message and exit.

  add             Add a new entry to wallabag.
  anno            Annotation commands.
  config          Start configuration.
  delete          Delete an entry from wallabag.
  delete-by-tags  Delete entries from wallabag by tags.
  export          Export entry to file.
  info            Get entry information.
  list            List the entries on the wallabag account.
  open            Open entry in browser.
  read            Toggle the read-status of an existing entry.
  repl            Start an interactive shell.
  show            Show the text of an entry.
  star            Toggle the starred-status of an existing entry.
  tags            Retrieve and print all tags.
  update          Toggle the read or starred status or change the title...
  update-by-tags  Set the read or starred status of an existing entries...

The utility allows you to add articles from the command line, edit it, add and remove tags, export and so on. Each command has its own -h key to display a help info on this command:

> wallabag add -h
Usage: wallabag add [OPTIONS] URL

  Add a new entry to wallabag.

  -t, --title TEXT  Add a custom title.
  -r, --read        Mark as read.
  -s, --starred     Mark as starred.
  -a, --tags TEXT   Comma-separated list of tags
  -q, --quiet       Hide the output if no error occurs.


At the moment I have two functions that I would like to add to the utility.

  1. The more convenient way to read records, remembering the position, may be with the addition of annotations. At the moment, you can only use the show command to read entry, which simply display the contents of the article on the screen and exporting into some of the formats to read in the external program.
  2. Built-in ability to send an article on Kindle.

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