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From series: My turning point

Towards the end of my third decade, my life began to change. Nutrition, regime, attitude to the outside world. Everything changed.

But not because I read all the best books in the world, reached Everest and attained enlightenment. Not. Everything changed under pressure. And my worst enemy was breaking me.

As it turned out, the enemy that does not agree, it is not corrupt. You can physically eliminate it, but in their right mind, it would never occur to anyone.

Because the enemy — myself.

Ankylosing Spondilites

The diagnosis I was given after I suffered for a year with my lower back is called: ankylosing spondilites. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the lower back is usually inflamed. Other joints are often connected, for example, knees, elbows, and the most popular one is the hip joints.

Lymphocytes go crazy and confuse their own cells with foreign ones. First of all, cartilage and bones are affected.

From chronic inflammation, the muscles around the lower back are in constant tone, the mobility is reduced. Without movement, the process of fusion of the bones of the spine begins – ankylosis From wikipediaJoint immobility resulting from the formation of bone, cartilaginous or fibrous fusion of the articular ends of the articulating bones. . As a result, the spine slowly turns into a large, solid bone. As a result, taking the form of bamboo. By the way, this is another name – bamboo spine.

Normal and bamboo spine
Normal and bamboo spine

Decreased movement in the thoracic vertebrae leads to impaired breathing, decreased chest excursion.

In the worst and neglected cases disease leads to problems with kidney and heart.

It is clear that to live fully in this state, to say the least, uncomfortable.

And in some cases have not to live at all.


Above, I briefly described what I had to face and what knocked me out of my daily productive activities for a couple of years. Fortunately, I did not get to the stage of internal organ failure, but I developed a strong ankylosis in my lower back. Six or five of my lumbar vertebrae have become solid bone.

How I survived several exacerbations, got to know more about traditional and alternative medicine, changed my attitude to life, and was able to engage in useful activities again, I plan to tell in my next publications.

Series: My turning point

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