MPV Progress Bar

In this post I will tell how to do always visible MPV progress bar indicator.

Screenshot from repository
Screenshot from repository

For this we will use this script: mpv-progressbar.

Clone and build:

> git clone
> cd mpv-progressbar
> make
Generating build/progressbar.moon
Building build/src/log.lua
Building build/src/requires.lua
Building build/src/settings.lua
Building build/src/Stack.lua
Building build/src/Window.lua
Building build/src/Mouse.lua
Building build/src/Rect.lua
Building build/src/ActivityZone.lua
Building build/src/AnimationQueue.lua
Building build/src/EventLoop.lua
Building build/src/Animation.lua
Building build/src/UIElement.lua
Building build/src/BarAccent.lua
Building build/src/BarBase.lua
Building build/src/ProgressBar.lua
Building build/src/ProgressBarCache.lua
Building build/src/ProgressBarBackground.lua
Building build/src/ChapterMarker.lua
Building build/src/Chapters.lua
Building build/src/TimeElapsed.lua
Building build/src/TimeRemaining.lua
Building build/src/HoverTime.lua
Building build/src/PauseIndicator.lua
Building build/src/Title.lua
Building build/src/SystemTime.lua
Building build/src/main.lua
Building build/progressbar.lua
Generating build/DefaultConfigGenerator.moon
Generating torque-progressbar.conf

To build the script you have to install lua compilator for your system.

Making symlink to MPC configuration directory:

> ln $PWD/build/progressbar.lua $HOME/.config/mpv/scripts/progressbar.lua

Copying configuration file:

> cp torque-progressbar.conf $HOME/.config/mpv/script-opts/torque-progressbar/main.conf


Excerpt from the cartoon: «Hedgehog in the Fog» – a 1975 Soviet animated film Hedgehog sets off for his evening visit to his friend Bear-Cub. Every evening, the two meet to have tea and count the stars. directed by Yuri Norstein.

«Hedgehog in the Fog»
«Hedgehog in the Fog»