Update 2.4.0

In the end of the year, I finally could make run on issues in github. During the month was closed 22 reports, that includes bugs and some new features.


Highilight parsing errors in java file #367

Before, when you try to insert missing imports or when you try remove unused, in file with syntax errors the operation fails silently. Now, thanks to javaparser, we can get list of sytax errors if it exists. The list of error populates location list with position.

Now we have ability to check java file for syntax errors by calling JCimportsAddMissing command. This check works faster than Syntastic check, but has less functionality, it doesn‘t show semantic errors.

Location list demo
Location list demo

«Deprecated» #341

Methods with «Deprecated» annotation are displayed with same label in autocomplete popup window now.

Deprecated demo
Deprecated demo

Ant support #391

I have some old java projects in which I tested support of build.xml files.

Generally, fetch list of used libraries in build.xml files turn up as tricky task. The difficulty lies in that classpath in every project builds up on it‘s own way. So, I had to append build.xml file with own target, that check project.classpath path and javac.classpath parameters in ant project and show it‘s content.

Probably this method won‘t work with all projects. That‘s why, if somebody has to support old java project and it doesn‘t work with javacomplete, send me your build.xml files or even better PR.

Java 11 support #406

JDK11 distribution missing builtin jar files. Instead of this there is file classlist that contains all class names we have in jre. Reading this file was added in last javacomplete version. And this is all JDK11 support we have for now.


Version 2.4.0 available and recommended for use.